Asset Based Approaches - Health and Wellbeing

This project sought to explore two key areas that are critical for moving to a more systematised approach to asset based action for health. These two areas are: 1. The need to develop further a Theory of Change for asset based approaches aligned to an asset model for health 2. The requirement to understand how to measure and illustrate impact and benefit from asset based approaches. Following work to develop an understanding of practice, through site visits, interviews and a think piece event, a new Theory of Change for asset-based working is presented. A rapid review of published and grey literature was also conducted to map and categorise evaluation approaches and measures used in asset-based programmes. The map of literature (33 studies) showed that a variety of methodologies and evaluation strategies are used in asset-based practice. Seven clusters were identified: Asset Based Community Development; Asset Mapping; Community-based evaluation; Conceptual frameworks for measurement; Resilience; Salutogenesis; Other.

Assets Network