Focus on Assets

In our work with people and communities – be these communities of place, interest, organisations or services, we have a strong reputation of instigating action through participatory approaches, working with the assets that people and places hold – we always seek to enable people to co design change and local action for health improvement.

Bridge the Gap

In working with your organisation we can help bridge the gap between national policy, best practice evidence and local aspirations ensuring you have clear leadership, cooperative participation and learning within your organisation, community and with partners.


Relationships matter. Aligned provide a range of skills and expertise that will support health, social care and local community organisations to deliver sustainable solutions in the work they do.

At Aligned we understand well the challenges of creating change initiatives that are sustainable and that impact positively with local people.

Our work will always seek to promote and sustain cooperation and collaboration. We believe this offers the best opportunity for doing things anew and in creating relationships that lead to sustainable action.

Our work seeks to:

Enable & Transform

We will always bring to our commissioned work helpful insights and perspectives that help you to refocus the way things are done.

Change & Sustain

Through positive relationships and use of valid methods for change and improvement we will help you move to new ways of working and ways of doing.

Participate & Collaborate

We will facilitate and inform how people can best contribute to the task at hand. We will always provide and enable creative and deliberate approaches to discussion, decision making and planning.