We value the quality of the relationships we form to bring about change that is inclusive, based on fairness and equality. That is why we focus on personal and collective assets – the very things that create opportunities for change.

In our work we always seek collaboration and cooperation to make things happen.

The work we do seeks to address the wider determinants of health and to make a contribution in tackling the inequalities the many people face that have an impact on health and wellbeing.

We value the social – that is, the way in which we work together on commissioned projects is about reciprocal learning, sharing ideas and bringing our and your expertise to the fore.

Our work has a strong emphasis on asset based development – focusing and working with personal, organisational and community resources that are positve enablers for change; we use participatory approaches when working with individuals and groups to promote better and more involved dialogue and we seek to engender a focus on what creates health – for people in places.